Young Angus author brings family pets back for new adventure

Loki and Floyd are back.

A young Angus author is bringing her family pets Loki and Floyd back for another adventure.

Gillian Annandale, 25, from Friockheim, published her first book in September 2015 which sold out within a month.


The Adventures of Loki and Floyd began as a project to create a children’s book, exploring the characterisation of pets, while Gillian was a student at Dundee and Angus College.

Gillian’s second children’s book, Loki and Floyd’s Cookie Capers, based around the adventures of a dog and a cat, has now gone on sale.

She described the follow up as “bigger and better than the first” and it is currently available to buy in Dallyloulou’s Gift Shop in Brechin.

She said: “Loki and Floyd’s Cookie Capers is a 40 page, fully illustrated children’s picture book, created by myself, and published by Afino Publishing, based in Brechin.


“This is a follow up – but not a sequel – to the 2015 release, The Adventures of Loki and Floyd, which was sold locally around Angus, but was also posted as far as Australia.

“This new release follows Loki the French bulldog, and Floyd the Persian cat, as they try to make some cookies for a baking competition, but with a few twists along the way.

“Loki and Floyd are based on family pets. I was blown away by the reception and support from locals, when the first book came out. What started as a college project went on to exceed my expectations when it sold out in the first few months.”

Gillian said all of the feedback from the first book encouraged her to make the second book bigger and better, with refined characters, story, and more personality.

She said: “I can only hope that it is as successful as the last.

“While I would love to be an illustrator full-time, currently, there are no plans to make Loki and Floyd 3.

“If the demand is there, it may be a consideration in the future.

“I am looking for full-time work as an artist or graphic designer.

“For now, it would be great to try some other kinds of illustration for books, perhaps fantasy or educational, to broaden my skillset.”