Marykirk villagers fear a tragedy is just around the corner on busy route through village

© DC ThomsonMum Kellie Doig is leading the campaign for safety measures in Marykirk
Mum Kellie Doig is leading the campaign for safety measures in Marykirk

Mearns parents have said they fear a fatality will have to happen before the brakes are properly put on drivers speeding through their village.

After a string of near misses, Marykirk campaigners are stepping up their fight for additional safety measures which they claim are vital to cut down on the almost daily near misses which locals – particularly children on their way to school – encounter on the busy A937.

© DC Thomson
The A937 through the village is a busy commuter route

The village’s position on the busy Montrose to Laurencekirk route leaves families facing a morning gauntlet of commuter traffic.

Local mum Kellie Doig was instrumental in organising a village meeting which was attended by around 80% of locals, and the community has now been given a glimmer of hope after Aberdeenshire Council told a local MP it would carry out a traffic study on the stretch.

There is no crossing patroller for the kids or speed buffer zone on the approaches to Marykirk.

“The key problem is that the main road is the road right through the village, and children who live on the opposite side of the village from the school have to cross it at least twice a day,” said Kellie.

“There are vehicles coming through the village at 40 to 50 miles per hour every day.

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Residents are pressing for safety measures to cut the risk to pedestrians from speeding traffic

“I have two children aged eight and five and I would love the oldest one to have the independence to be able to walk to school, but there is just no way that I am going to allow that to happen.”

Mrs Doig added: “Until now Aberdeenshire Council have said that because it is a through road from the A90 there is not much that they can do, and because the school is not on the main road it does not come into the equation.

“I don’t think it’s acceptable to say that the school situation doesn’t count.

“Lots of local mothers have had near misses with cars going too fast through the village and for the council not to think that the children’s safety is a top priority is a disgrace.

“If a child had been killed they would move on this. I want to get safety in place before that happens, before a mother has to lose her child to some idiot who can’t follow the law.”

West Aberdeenshire and Kincardine Conservative MP Andrew Bowie has raised the issued with police and the local authority, with the council informing him they intend to carry out a new road study.

Police have also promised speed checks on the road.

“My constituents in Marykirk regularly see vehicles, including lorries, break the speed limit before or after using the A90,” he said.

“Wide vehicles mount kerbs and put pedestrians at risk.

“Local people like Kellie have spoken up about their concerns and I think the local authority has listened.

“The last traffic report on the main street was in 2014 and a new study, due to be published this month, is to be welcomed.”