VIDEO: Angus glens vandals put lives at risk by blocking road with giant snowballs

Young vandals have been slammed for putting lives at risk by leaving massive snowballs blocking roads in the Angus glens.

They also terrified one mum-to-be by bombarding her car with snowballs as she gingerly negotiated her way through the narrow roads of Glenesk on busy Sunday as families made their way out to enjoy the winter wonderland.

Lianne MacLennan of the Angus Glens Moorland Group and her head keeper husband Garry were horrified to encounter the huge snowball in the middle of the glen road late on Sunday afternoon.

A group of young men had been spotted shortly before, building the giant snowballs before leaving them in the middle of the road.

Lianne said: “We came up the glen at 4.15 and came across the first one right on a corner.

“We tried to break it with the Land Rover but you couldn’t put a dent in it.

“But we managed to use the vehicle to push it across the road where Garry got out to roll it away and he managed to break up the second one, clearing the road.”

A local Neighbourhood Watch member reported seeing a group of young men in a silver o4-registered Audi saloon around that time and it is thought they may have been responsible.

“Without seeing them or having a full car registration I didn’t have enough to report it to police, but following a spate of thefts in the area last year there have been a number of Neighbourhood Watch groups set up so someone may have seen this car,” added Lianne.

“Three young males were spotted at the Dryburn corner on the Glenesk road at 3.15 on Sunday by one glen resident as they were building snowballs and throwing them at her car.

“She is pregnant and didn’t want to stop in case she got stuck.”

Lianne added: “There were a lot of young families enjoying the glen for sledging and walking yesterday and it could have been potentially dangerous.

“No way would anyone who came across one of these been able to shift it.

“The roads have been bad enough without the helping hand of others making it dangerous – it’s very lucky no one was hurt.”