VIDEO: ‘There is a complete buzz’ – Golf fever grips Carnoustie as Open Championship gets under way

Golf fever has gripped an Angus town as it prepares to welcome thousands of people for one of the world’s biggest sporting events.

Councillors, golfers, businessmen and fans had their say on the atmosphere in Carnoustie as the likes of Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Phil Mickelson arrived for the Open Championship.

© DC Thomson
First practice day at The Open Championship at Carnoustie.

Sports stars have been entertaining fans at Carnoustie Golf Links as practice gets under way in the area.

PICTURES: Golf frenzy heats up at Carnoustie as Tiger roars into town

Fans ask Tiger Woods for his autograph during preview day one of The Open Championship 2018 at Carnoustie Golf Links.

However large crowds are not expected to descend on the town until Thursday when the competition officially begins.

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Independent Carnoustie councillor Brian Boyd said: “There is a complete buzz. it is just so busy from within just now; but traffic is moving smoothly. There are lots of visitors.

“The shops are naturally getting people as they get to the golf course and back from the golf course, and evenings are going to be very, very busy in this town.”

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People enjoying the relaxed atmosphere near the big screens at the first practice day at Carnoustie.

Antiques dealer Tomas Johansson and golf pro Eric Dawson travelled to Carnoustie from Borås, Sweden, for the competition and to play golf in the local area.

Donning traditional golfing gear, the pair said they are both “passionate” about the sport.

Mr Dawson, who is from Monifieth but moved to Sweden in 1967, added: “Normally if the Open is at St Andrews or Carnoustie, as I originally came from Monifieth, it is nice to come over and meet some of my old friends and at the same time watch a round of golf.

“There is so many good players. Carnoustie is always a challenging course.”

Dave Valentine, owner of Simpson’s Golf Shop, said visitors from the US, China, Thailand, Australia, Canada, Japan and South Africa had all visited his store during the first preview days of the Open.

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Sir Nick Faldo speaks to Phil Mickelson during preview day three of The Open Championship 2018.

He added: “We know that people are going to be coming in bigger numbers later in the week so we are just getting ready for them.”

Captain of Carnoustie Golf Club Bill Thompson said: “We’ve been watching it being constructed for about six to eight weeks now and the construction is all over, some of the players have arrived, but the crowds and spectators have not arrived.

“So it is a strange feeling where we are ready to go but we’re not going to go for a couple of days yet.”