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Kellas villager claims damaged road signs were encouraging speeders

Marilyn Mauran at the 30 speed limit before Kellas which is hidden by other road signage.

Calls have been made to put the brakes on speeders in Kellas.

Angus Council has been accused of ignoring road safety concerns by village resident, Marilyn Mauran.

She said 30mph markings have worn away, a 30mph sign is completely obscured, and a 40mph sign is facing the wrong way.

The sign has been re-positioned after Mrs Mauran’s concerns were raised by The Courier.

The council blamed “staff absence” for her initial concerns not being passed on.

Mrs Mauran said she raised the issue at Monifieth Access office but still has not received a response.

“In my opinion, it would appear than Angus Council just ignore what residents tell them about road safety.

“I live on the Kellas Road directly on the left of the 30mph sign and across the road from the T-junction to Monifieth and Kingennie.

“A few months ago I felt it necessary to contact Angus Council about the grass cutting as they always seem to miss the bit under the huge sign making it difficult for me to see coming out of driveway.

“Someone from the roads department phoned me about this and while speaking to him I advised him that the 40mph signs at the T-junction were incorrect – one was facing the correct way but the other one was the wrong way round.

“They have been like this for months and he said he had not noticed when he had attended the area but would ensure the signs would be fixed.”

Mrs Mauran said she also raised the issue with a member of the roads department who assured her that he would have someone see to them.

“The road outside my driveway used to be painted red with a large 30 painted in white on the left hand lane – this is no longer the case as it has worn away,” she said.

“This may have something to do with the fact that a lot of the drivers now think it is okay to speed in the 30mph zone – this is despite the fact that there is a 40mph sign some 200 yards before they reach the village so they should have already slowed down.

“Or more likely it is due to the fact that the 30mph sign on the left is completely obscured by the signs saying Monifieth, Kingennie and Murroes Church.

“The 30mph sign on the right hand side also makes it difficult for tractors and vans coming out of the side road as it obscures the drivers vision.

“On August 10 I went to Monifieth Access office to ask someone to contact me regarding all of the above and to date I have not received a response.”

Mrs Mauran said the speeding drivers are not youngsters and she has lost count of the times she has been overtaken on the road.

A spokesman for Angus Council said: “The sign was re-positioned on Thursday.

“We can assure this resident her concerns were not ignored, but were due to staff absence resulting in information not being passed on.

“The national speed limit sign can be clearly seen in the area and we have arranged for one of the 40mph signs to be cleaned and vegetation cleared near to other signs.

“Line painting in the area will be completed in due course and as agreed with contractors.

“It was agreed, a number of years ago, that red panels painted at village gateways would not be renewed as there was little evidence they had a positive impact on vehicle speed.”