Arbroath photographer lay strapped to his overturned van as motorists drove past for 20 minutes

© SuppliedThe van rolled over into a field on the A932 near Milldens
The van rolled over into a field on the A932 near Milldens

A Tayside photographer who watched on as a number of vehicles drove past while he lay strapped in his overturned van on a busy main road has urged motorists to look after one another in icy conditions.

Wallace Ferrier said he had a “lucky escape” when driving towards Forfar on Saturday morning on the A932 in his DFSK Loadhopper van after it hit a patch of ice and suddenly careered off the road.

Mr Ferrier said he was travelling at around 45mph as he drove along the route shortly after 8am but due to the frosty conditions, lost control of the vehicle and it ended up rolling into a field and through a fence.

He suffered only scrapes and bruises in the crash but said he was alarmed by the number of motorists who drove past without stopping to help, given matters could have been far more serious.

© Supplied
Wallace Ferrier was grateful for his “lucky escape”

Mr Ferrier said: “I must have come over black ice and the vehicle lost traction with the surface of the road. Not only did I go through a fence but there was then a three feet drop into the field.

“As the van lay on its side, I kept the lights on hoping for assistance. There is no doubt in my mind that wearing a seat belt saved my life.

“However, as I lay still strapped into the van I was dismayed to notice several cars and the Forfar bus just drive by.

“After around 20 minutes, which seemed longer, one van driver stopped and jumped over the fence and asked if I was okay. I replied that I had a few bruises and scratches but otherwise I was fine.

“I had lost my spectacles while the van was rolling over and couldn’t find them. The passerby, whose name was Alan, had to pull out the windscreen to get me out. He also entered the van to find my glasses.”

Mr Ferrier said his rescuer volunteered to take him on to Arbroath and on the way, the pair saw a police van heading towards the crash. He then contacted Police Scotland on 101 to let them know he was not badly hurt.

A spokesman for the force confirmed officers had been on the scene and were aware no serious injuries had been reported.

He said: “The man was going from Arbroath to Forfar at the time. The incident has been linked to road conditions and we established that the man was uninjured and no crime had been committed.

“The owner has arranged for the vehicle to be recovered.”