Angus restaurant owner placed on Sex Offenders’ Register

© DC ThomsonForfar Sheriff Court.
Forfar Sheriff Court.

A Turkish businessman who verbally assaulted three females and sexually assaulted two of them at an Angus restaurant was not aware he had done anything wrong due to his “heritage”, a court has heard.

Huseyin Ozer, 40, of Priory Crescent, Arbroath, appeared for sentencing before Sheriff Gregor Murray at Forfar Sheriff Court on Tuesday.

He had been found guilty of all five charges at an earlier trial.

Ozer had denied carrying out numerous assaults between April 1 and October 31 2018 at Kai’s Kitchen in the High Street, Montrose.

He was found guilty of, on various occasions, making sexual comments towards one female about her underwear and weight for his own sexual gratification, and sexually assaulting the same female by repeatedly touching her on the bottom on various occasions.

He was also found guilty of making sexual verbal comments towards a second female, on various occasions between April 26 and June 2 2018; on various occasions between May 1 and June 30 2018 making comments of a sexualised nature towards a third female, and on various occasions between May 1 and June 30 2018 sexually assault the third female by repeatedly brushing his body up against her.

An agent for Ozer told the court his client was a Turkish national, resident in the UK, who had no previous convictions.

“He has sold his interest in the business for £35,000 but will not receive his first payment until April 2020.

“His background is he has a Turkish heritage.

“He does not really understand what he has done wrong.

“He just wants to get this out of the way.”

In passing sentence, Sheriff Murray noted Ozer’s behaviour may have been as a result of his heritage and his “lack of understanding” of this country.

He added: “However, these are serious offences.”

He sentenced Ozer to carry out a Community Payback Order of 200 hours of unpaid work, ordered him to be supervised for 18 months and to work with social workers on a  ‘Making Steps and Moving Forward’ programme for 18 months.

He also placed him on the Sex Offenders’ Register during the 18 months..