Dundee product designers create age guessing mirror

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Spex Pistols founder Richard Cook, with the SelfReflector which has been trialled in his shop.

Mirror mirror on the wall, can you guess my age at all?

Product designers from Dundee and Northumbria Universities have developed a mirror which tries to identify the year the person in the reflection was aged 14.

Technology in the SelfReflector scans the face of the person looking in to it and then, using artificial online intelligence, plays popular songs from the estimated year.

The SelfReflector has been on display at Dundee store Spex Pistols, and will be included in the V&A Digital Design weekend as part of the London Design Festival.

Designers have said the mirror could change the way people interact with shops and advertising.

The SelfReflector© Supplied
The SelfReflector

People have been travelling from around the world to see the mirror at Spex Pistols and has been described as one of Dundee’s “best kept secrets”.

Professor Jon Rogers, chair in creative technology at Dundee University, said: “For centuries we have looked back at ourselves through mirrors.

“We all have a special relationship through the magic of the looking glass and through SelfReflector we wanted to explore what this meant to people.

“We wanted to reflect on what happens when technology comes into our lives.

“The pictures the SelfReflector takes are processed to estimate the viewer’s age, facial expression and mood.

“The knowledge transfer which began in a small shop in Dundee could change the way customers interact with the high street.”

Richard Cook, founder of Spex Pistols,said: “The mirror allows for incredible opportunities, but just like bands from Dundee can become famous abroad yet are unheard of here, the SelfReflector is becoming well-known internationally and still remains a best kept secret of the city.

“We’ve had one customer take the direct flight from Amsterdam to Dundee just to come see it.

“What began as a throw away idea has blossomed into a once in life time experience.

“Children love it, adults don’t believe what it can do until they use it and our older customers can’t believe it.

“It’s a real treat to have the first model and we can’t wait until it comes back from London.”