Gok Wan promises to bring feelgood factor to Dundee’s fashionistas

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Gok Wan.

TV fashion icon Gok Wan is promising to make the women of Dundee “feel good about themselves” as he prepares to visit the city for the first time.

The style guru is bringing his Fashion Brunch Club to the city’s Apex Hotel in February as part of a national tour.

Visitors are being promised “five-star food” with friends combined with tutorials on local and national fashion scenes.

Advice and information on key trends will also be on offer.

Having never visited the City of Discovery before, Gok is looking forward to uncovering the “local and tribalistic” style sense of Dundee’s fashion followers.

He revealed: “It’s always interesting to see what people in towns outside of places like Glasgow and Edinburgh are doing differently.

“It’ll be interesting to see how people are putting themselves together.

“I’ve never been to places like Dundee, Aberdeen or Inverness before, so I’m really looking forward to it.”

With his tour not beginning until after Christmas, Gok is promising his Fashion Brunch will “blow away the January blues”.

The TV host also insists local fashion designers will be given as much prominence as national fashion labels during the event.

He said: “There will be a real sense of community and being dressed up and out with your friends.

“What makes this different is that it will be information-driven — there will be some academia attached.

“I’ll be acting as a bridge between the fashion industry and everybody there.

“It’s an opportunity for people to dress up and feel good about themselves.”

Gok continued: “We will showcase local designs and local fashion boutiques.

“The fashion industry is so saturated with major companies, but we do need to embrace our community and give local retailers a chance.

“We need major companies, but it’s also about promoting local business, whether it’s a florist, card shop or clothes shop.”

For tickets and for more on Gok’s Fashion Brunch Club visit www.gokfashion.com.

“Like a lads’ night at the darts?”

My female fashion insight can be boiled down to: “No, I’m sure you don’t look fat in that”, writes Jamie Milligan.

So when I was asked to interview fashion icon Gok Wan I would have to concede I was a little apprehensive.

And things could have gone right off the rails when, trying to find some common ground, I asked: “So the event is like a lads’ night at the darts?”

I needn’t have worried though as the down-to-earth presenter was a delight to speak to.

“I don’t think my career has ever been compared to darts before, but I suppose that is exactly what it’ll be like,” he responded.

And while I don’t think I’ll be putting my hand up for fashion-focused work in the near future, as Gok and I agreed “’tis a brave new world” when a man without a clue can hold a conversation with fashion royalty.