Warrant issued after email stalker fails to appear for sentencing

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A cyber stalker who bombarded a woman with more than 500 sinister emails has failed to appear for sentencing.

Dundee man Robert Hogg had earlier admitted a stalking charge committed between January 1 and March 25 this year.

The court heard how he had sent more than 500 emails in that three-month period that left the woman “frightened”.

Sheriff Lorna Drummond QC issued a warrant for Hogg’s arrest.

Fiscal depute Stewart Duncan earlier told the court: “The complainer was using her laptop and noticed a large amount of emails in her junk mail folder.

“She opened the folder and found 500 emails from the accused.

“She opened several of them and was frightened by their content, some of which related to her studies, some was of a sexual nature and others referred to conversations she had with her father on Twitter.”

The woman blocked Hogg on Twitter – but that only prompted him to send her a further 25 emails in the next seven hours.

The victim then contact police, who raided Hogg’s home and seized two devices.

They discovered all the emails had been sent from addresses attributed to Hogg and internet searches about her had been carried out.

Hogg had accessed her Twitter account several hundred times and saved various photos of her.

The fiscal added: “Some of the emails were of a sexual nature and some implied he had been watching her at her work.”

Hogg, 47, of Albert Street, pleaded guilty to a charge of stalking the woman between January 1 and March 25 this year.

Defence solicitor Ross Donnelly said: “Other emails were screeds of material which he had copied and pasted from the internet and sent to her, some of which is not only sexual but of an unusual nature.

“There is a background that needs to be explored further.”