VIDEO: X Factor hopefuls take first step to stardom in Dundee

February 10 2017, 1.53pmUpdated: February 21 2017, 8.17am
© DC ThomsonSome of the X-Factor hopefuls in Dundee.
Some of the X-Factor hopefuls in Dundee.

Aspiring pop stars are trying  their chance at fame in Dundee’s  X Factor first-stage auditions today.

The Courier caught up with some of the hopefuls and gained a sneak preview of the performances the judges will have to rank.

The show’s audition booth at the Overgate Centre has attracted a steady stream of hopefuls since 10am, with more expected to show off their talent before closing time at 5pm.

And while the majority of the singers have youth on their side, there were others of more mature years hoping stardom is just around the corner.

Among them was 73-year-old Jimmy Borland, who put Neil Diamond in his place with a truly unforgettable rendition of Sweet Caroline:

The auditions, which could be heard throughout the shopping centre, attracted a crowd of on-lookers who cheered the participants on.





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