Controversial Momentum figure Jackie Walker to address Dundee University audience despite anti-semitic allegations

Dundee University.

A controversial Labour figure embroiled in a row over anti-semitism is to address a Dundee University audience later this month.

Jackie Walker, known for her work in the left-wing Momentum faction of Labour, was suspended twice by the party after she made allegedly anti-semitic comments.

She was later reinstated, but was removed as vice-chair of Momentum shortly after.

Despite pressure, Dundee University principal Professor Sir Pete Downes has refused to revoke the invitation made to the pro-Palestine campaigner.

Ms Walker is due to attend an event organised by the Dundee University Action Palestine group in conjunction with the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign on March 29.

Another engagement at Aberdeen University has been cancelled after her invitation was withdrawn.

That event will now take place off-campus.

Ms Walker was suspended in September for comments made on Holocaust Memorial Day at a private Labour party training session, in which she told organisers: “In terms of Holocaust day, wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holocaust day was open to all people who experienced Holocaust?”

She had previously been suspended over comments made on Facebook, where she referred to Jews as “financiers of the sugar and slave trade”.

Sammy Stein, co-chair of the Glasgow Friends of Israel, had urged Professor Downes to “examine the planned event and assess whether this is a suitable event to be held at the university”.

On Friday, a university spokesman said the event would be going ahead.

Ms Walker has slammed allegations of anti-semitism as “absurd” and said she was a “lifelong anti-racism campaigner”.