Dundee man’s body was not discovered for weeks

© DC Thomson
The man's body was discovered on Thursday.

A Dundee man lay dead for weeks before his body was discovered by police, it has been claimed.

Officers made the grim find on Thursday evening at a property on Dundee’s Park Avenue after neighbours reported a foul smell.

Dundee’s Lord Provost Ian Borthwick has said he believes the nature of the death is symptomatic of a breakdown of community.

The veteran councillor said: “It’s tragic that someone has to die in these circumstances with no one there to deal with the situation appropriately.

“It is a breakdown of community and that is to be regretted.

“It’s quite evident in Dundee that there are individuals who live in isolation. It is a far cry from when I was brought up.”

The man was discovered after police officers used a drill to force open his door.