“It’s catastrophic” — Ancrum Electronics closes after losing major contract

September 13 2017, 10.46amUpdated: September 14 2017, 1.58pm
© DC Thomson
Ancrum Electronics in Tannadice Street.

An electronics business which has operated in Dundee for more than 30 years has ceased trading after losing a major contract.

Ancrum Electronics in Tannadice Street has taken the decision to wind down after losing a repair contract for Domestic and General.

The nine staff at the repair business were informed of the decision last week.

Owner James Alexander said a few staff had been retained to help return items to customers.

He said: “Domestic and General just gave us one month’s notice and that was a significant part of our turnover.

“They said their business arrangements were being centralised.

“Recently another company went into liquidation and Panasonic did a centralisation as well.

It’s like the meteorite that came out and destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. It’s catastrophic.

“It came to the point where we couldn’t keep going. It’s a great shame because we have hard working, loyal, conscientious employees.

“We are ceasing trading, winding up, the employees have gone.

“I’ve retained a few people to wind the business back to get things out which I think is the most professional, sensible thing to do.”

The business has operated in Dundee since 1985 and was an authorised repair centre for most of the major manufacturers for commercial and domestic customers.

It also offered an installation service to Tayside and Fife.

Mr Alexander added: “The changes from the three major customers have been through no fault of our own.

“It’s like the meteorite that came out and destroyed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. It’s catastrophic.

“We are doing our best for everyone concerned.

“Customers who brought their TVs in that we couldn’t repair, we’ve offered them a refund on it.

“We are not running away from our responsibilities but we’ve had to close the business down.”


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