VIDEO: Take a look inside a secret bunker hidden away since the end of the Cold War

An eerie video shows the inside of a long-forgotten nuclear bunker looking much like it would have done on the day it was abandoned.

The underground monitoring station, just a few miles from Dundee, still has pots and pans, mugs, and washing up liquid next to parts of Cold War communications technology.

Blankets are filmed rotting on the bunk beds exactly where they would have been left over a quarter of a century ago.

The video of the bunker was shared by YouTuber Urbex Pajerico. He is keeping the exact location secret as other bunkers have been trashed and even burned out by vandals.

The stations were manned by members of the Royal Observer Corps (ROC) and one of their main purposes was to give the dreaded “four minute warning” in the case of a nuclear attack.

While most are slowly rotting away, others have been turned into weird and wonderful accommodation.

Last year a bunker in the Perthshire countryside went up for sale for £20,000, after being refashioned as a ‘man cave’ and featuring a bespoke hatch.

One bunker in North Wales was transformed into the perfect recording studio, with its concrete walls providing natural sound proofing.