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Moving mural tribute to tragic Dundee musician Lee

The tribute to Lee.

A moving musical tribute has been paid to Dundee man Lee Welsh.

Talented musician Lee, 27, took his own life in August.

The 27-year-old’s family has since campaigned for enhanced mental health care provision.

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Music fan Lee has had an Oasis mural dedicated to him.

Lee’s name has now been included within a graffiti design in a Dundee park.

A local artist had created an Oasis mural within the DPM Park, just off Dundee’s Canning Street.

However, the mural was then tagged with a dedication to Lee at the request of his parents Phil and Lesley.

In addition to the grafitti tribute, Lee’s family and friends plan to buy a memorial bench in his memory.

A race night and disco to raise funds for the bench will be held in the function suite of Dundee’s Skyaxe Combat and Fitness Centre on November 18.

Tickets for the event are on sale now and can be purchased by contacting Lee’s close friends Gary Shields and Ryan Taylor.

A website has also been created in Lee’s honour to share stories of mental health which can be shared with politicians and charities.