Mums of premature Christmas babies want to say thank you to caring hospital staff

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Ashleigh wants to repay the staff who helped her, her partner Gordon and daughter Layla last Christmas.

Two Tayside mums hope to repay the medical staff who helped care for their premature babies over Christmas.

Megan Brough and Ashleigh Bryce are raising funds to purchase gift bags and presents for families who are forced to stay in hospital over the festive period.

Both women experienced a dramatic Christmas last year when they went into labour earlier than anticipated.

Ashleigh was admitted to Ninewells Hospital on November 4  and gave birth to Layla two days later. Little Layla was several weeks early and weighed just 1lb 8oz when she was born.

Megan’s son Julian was born on December 21, seven weeks early.

© DC Thomson
Megan and Julian after leaving Christmas last year.

Both mums spent last Christmas and New Year in hospital and were blown away by the level of support and care they received from hospital staff.

They now hope to support other mums and dads going through a similar experience this year.

Speaking at Layla’s first birthday party yesterday, Ashleigh said: “I remember sitting in hospital and seeing a YouTube video of a woman who had taken videos of her premature baby one year on (from birth) and I was thinking: ‘how is that ever going to happen?’

“At the time you’re too busy worrying if Layla has got an infection or if her red blood cells are okay. It was horrible.

“We just didn’t think of Christmas, it just didn’t feel like it but the staff were amazing. They did everything they could.

“On Christmas Day we went in and there was a Christmas card with a picture of Layla on it and one from Santa. There was a wee gift bag and a stocking for Layla as well.

“We hadn’t bought each other anything, or really thought about, but it all made such a difference.”

Megan, who spent time in hospital with Julian in both Kirkcaldy and Dundee, said: “We were in hospital from December 21 until January 4. Basically my entire Christmas holidays were spent in hospital.

“We came down on Christmas morning and Santa was there and beside the incubator there were presents for us.

“There were little foot imprints and a card with a picture of Julian on it which the nurses had obviously spent time making. Then Santa came and gave Julian a big pile of presents.

“It was great. We got totally spoilt.

“We’re just looking to give back really.”

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