Dundee Nazi tattoo racist sang sectarian songs and abused Muslim prisoner

© DC Thomson
Dundee Sheriff Court

A racist with a Nazi swastika tattoo sang sectarian songs before abusing a Muslim prisoner at Dundee’s police headquarters.

Sentence was deferred on William Hutchison, 48, when he appeared at Dundee Sheriff Court yesterday after his solicitor said he hoped his client could spend “Christmas at liberty”.

The court heard Hutchison was arrested by officers on another matter on October 14.

He was put in the back of a police vehicle and taken to the Bell Street station for processing, where he started to sing his bigoted chants against Catholics and Muslims.

Hutchison, who appeared from custody, was sporting a Nazi swastika symbol, drawn backwards, on his neck, as well as other religiously motivated motifs.

The court heard his lengthy record stretched back to the turn of the century and he had spent time behind bars for various offences.

Depute fiscal Sue Ruta told the court police had cause to take Hutchison into custody around 12.20pm on October 14.

En route to police headquarters he sang sectarian songs which targeted the Pope, the IRA and Muslims. He also made slurs about “Fenians”.

“When the accused arrived at police headquarters he muttered words directed at a Muslim prisoner who was in the custody unit saying ‘Muslims’ should be hung’,” added Ms Ruta.

“Police removed him from the waiting area and he was put into a cell.”

Defence solicitor Mike Short asked for sentence to be deferred.

He said: “Mr Hutchison is 48-years-old and is single.

“The problem he has is that he is stable on methadone but unstable on alcohol.

“I have dealt with him for many years.

“This year has seen him lose a dramatic amount of weight.

“He was given assistance with his lifestyle and he is now very much into his exercise.

“He has had a period in remand and is stable, with no alcohol or methadone in his system.”

Mr Short insisted Hutchison’s attitude had improved but acknowledged his behaviour on this occasion was “a cause for concern”.

“He has so many previous convictions but it is a long time since he has sat in the dock,” he added.

“He welcomes the opportunity to see Christmas at liberty.”

Sheriff John Rafferty deferred sentence to obtain criminal justice social work reports.

He said: “If I grant you (William Hutchison) bail I would be extremely concerned about how you would behave.

“You would need to stay indoors between the hours of 7pm-7am and adhere to the strict bail conditions.

“If you breach those you will face a custodial sentence.

“I am not optimistic, but I am going to call for reports.

“If I receive a good report you will stay out of jail but if you blow it, you will go back to prison.”

Hutchison, of Brantwood Avenue, admitetd acting in a threatening and abusive manner on October 14 at various points during a journey to Dundee police headquarters, by singing songs, swearing and making offensive remarks aggravated by religious prejudice.

He was granted bail, subject to restriction of liberty conditions and will return to Dundee Sheriff Court on December 5.