£150K could be spent on tackling dangerous parking near Dundee school

© DC Thomson
Traffic congestion around Fintry Primary School. The drivers of the cars pictured were not the "aggressive" parents mentioned in the article.

A six figure sum could be spent on road safety measures near a Dundee primary school following complaints about dangerous parking.

In addition, Dundee City Council plans to send two members of staff to schools throughout the city to persuade children and their parents to ditch their cars and walk instead.

The local authority also wants to introduce a “walking bus” initiative where parents take it in turns to walk groups of children along designated safe routes.

Around £150,000 of community funding has been earmarked for Dundee’s north east ward, with one of the preferred causes being traffic management around Fintry Primary School.

These could consist of a one way system or a drop off point for parents and children.

North East councillor Brian Gordon said: “There’s a big commitment from Dundee City Council to get parents and kids to walk.

“With the ‘walking buses’, parents would take turns to go with groups of kids to school. We would identify a safe route for them to walk along.

“This initiative, as well as the staff from transport team going into schools, would happen regardless of what the £150,000 is spent on.

“That money is for the north east ward only, whereas the other initiatives will be for all schools in Dundee.”

Fintry Community Council’s chairman Ron Neave has had meetings with council and police representatives to discuss problem parking at Fintry Primary School, after local residents complained of parents being “aggressive” and “inconsiderate”.

He said: “In the mornings, the street is absolutely gridlocked.

“There is traffic coming from both ends and parents dropping kids off at school. Between January and March, people can submit their views on what the £150,000 should be spent on.

“At a previous meeting with the council, it was suggested that the money is used for creating a one way system or a drop off point. To me, the drop off point seems like a good idea.

“It’s good to encourage people to walk, but some parents need to drop kids off in cars as they are on their way to work.”