Jail for Nazi tattoo racist who “found himself at Dundee college” past curfew

© DC Thomson
Dundee Sheriff Court

A racist given the chance to spend Christmas out of prison will be behind bars after all because he breached bail the day after he walked free.

William Hutchison, who has a Nazi swastika tattoo and a lengthy criminal record, had been given a deferred sentence for singing sectarian songs and abusing a Muslim prisoner at Dundee police headquarters.

His solicitor secured the 48-year-old’s Christmas at liberty when Sheriff John Rafferty reluctantly granted him bail on Tuesday until December 5 for reports.

Hutchison was to be at home between the hours of 7pm and 7am and was told he could stay out of jail if his reports were good.

However, just a day after being bailed he was found in Dundee and Angus College at 8.19pm.

Hutchison’s defence solicitor said: “He had been remanded in custody until November 7.

“He is an individual who has had significant drug addiction problems for a number of years. He was on methadone, which continued while he was in prison and on his release that was meant to be maintained.

“However, it was not prescribed, and from his point of view the methadone is essential for him. He lost track all track of time and found himself in the local college, which is not far from where he lives.”

Hutchison admitted breaching his bail conditions but pled not guilty to being at the college with intent to steal, which was accepted by the court.

He was sentenced to 60 days in prison, starting from Thursday.

Hutchison, of Brantwood Avenue, was arrested on another matter on October 14 and put in a police vehicle.

En route to police headquarters he sang sectarian songs which targeted the Pope, the IRA and Muslims. He also made slurs about “Fenians”.

Once at the Bell Street headquarters, he muttered words directed at a Muslim prisoner saying ‘Muslims’ should be hung’.