VIDEO: Dundee wood carver turns garden into local tourist spot with cast of colourful creatures

A maverick Dundee wood carver has transformed his garden into a local tourist spot with an array of colourful creatures and characters.

© DC Thomson
Christopher Bowman next to his favourite piece.

Christopher Bowman, 49, took up the craft less than three years ago but his work is already drawing the crowds to his Gleneagles Avenue home.

Mr Bowman, who lives at the property with his partner Elaine Walker, 41, creates the pieces by using a chainsaw to block out shapes from wooden logs donated by friends in the forestry industry.

He then narrows in on the finer details using a grinder and chisel before finally smoothing them down with sandpaper and applying a coat of paint.

Although the creations have proven a hit with passing motorists, Mr Bowman revealed his neighbours – and his family – took a bit longer to warm up to the idea.

He said: “My family love them now but they weren’t too keen at first.

“I think neighbours weren’t sure either when I started putting them up but I think they’ve changed their minds now – at least, I haven’t had any complaints.

“Whenever I put up one of the new ones, I see folk slowing down in their cars to get a better look – and sometimes I see them sneaking round again to have another glance.”

Mr Bowman took up the hobby after purchasing a chainsaw while camping and now sells the work. He even has people knocking on his door to request special commissions.

Neighbours David and Amy Muir said the carvings had become a hit with local youngsters.

“I think they’re great,” Mr Muir said. “They might not be everyone’s cup of tea but the kids definitely seem to like them.

“We can see them better from our bedroom window. It’s almost like he’s built a little village out the back there.”

Another resident said her daughter had commissioned Mr Bowman to carve a large tortoise as a Christmas gift and was delighted with the results.

“Who wouldn’t love them?” she said. “I think they’re fabulous.”

With the Christmas season fast approaching, Mr Bowman now plans to decorate the garden with fairy lights and ornaments to turn it into a true wood carving winter wonderland.