Huge lorry load of donations sent from Dundee to help refugees in France

The team sent off 150 bags from the Dundee warehouse.

A vital Christmas-time delivery of over 150 sacks of clothing, blankets and sleeping bags has been sent off by a Dundee charity to help refugees and migrants in Calais.

Dundee Refugee Support and Dundee University group Fuze Beyond Borders worked together to collect the load, destined for the northern French town.

Hundreds of migrants are still encamped in the area — despite large parts having been bulldozed by authorities, with conditions worsening every month.

It is the fourth major shipment to be sent by the charity in the last seven months, with previous loads going to Syria, Serbia and the Greek islands.

A spokesperson for Dundee Refugee Support said sending over one last load of the year was vital for the well-being of those still living in the area.

He said: “It’s brilliant to be able to get one last shipment off with Fuze in time for Christmas, especially as it is so desperately needed in the Calais area at the moment.

“The actions of law enforcement in the area has been shocking and denied these people of their basic rights and dignity, something you wouldn’t expect in 21st century western Europe.

“Hopefully this will do something to help those facing these terrible conditions.”

The shipment, sent on Friday and arriving Saturday lunch time, was transported by Edinburgh organisation ReAct and included items donated by groups in Dundee, Perth, St Andrews, Kelty and beyond.

It will now be distributed through Calais’ Help Refugees Warehouse, which services the basic needs of those still stranded.

Ruby Kelly from Fuze Beyond Borders Dundee, which was formed earlier this year at Dundee University, added: “After the destruction of the camps both in Calais and Dunkirk, people have been displaced further and are in worse conditions than ever.

“Just because the Jungle is no longer there, it doesn’t mean the people are no longer there — they still struggle to survive every day.

“We want to make sure that as many people as possible can at least stay warm throughout this harsh winter.

“It’s been tricky getting everything put together but seeing the truck filled up was so rewarding, and it’s amazing to see how many donations were given by students from the uni from our winter appeal, and also from people across the city.

“Working with DRS on this project has been great, and just shows when people work together anything can be achieved. We hope to keep collaborating in the future.”

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