Police say bomb squad incident in Dundee is coming to an end

Police have said a dramatic incident in Dundee which saw bomb disposal crews attending and residents being evacuated is coming to an end.

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The bomb squad, along with police and fire and rescue personnel, in Fairbairn Street in the early hours of Thursday.

Emergency crews were scrambled to a property in Fairbairn Street area just after 9pm on Wednesday.

A large area around the neighbourhood was locked down by police and several residents were evacuated.

UPDATE: A man has since been charged in relation to telecommunications offences.

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Police have cordoned off section of Fairbairn Street.

An army bomb squad was called to the area and several fire service appliances and incident units were on stand-by at the edge of the cordon.

Residents have reported a loud banging noise in the area shortly before 7am this morning.

It’s not yet been revealed what sparked the incident but it’s understood investigations centred on one flat in the area.

Police Scotland has remained tight lipped about the incident.

A police spokesperson said: “The incident is coming to a conclusion. The residents who were evacuated have been allowed back in to their properties.”

Fairbairn Street is still closed.

Several fire service appliances were lined up at nearby Tannadice Park.

Manned police roadblocks were set up at all access points around the closure zone.

People living in the street said they had been left in the dark.

One resident said: “We’ve been asking and asking, but the police won’t tell us a thing.

“Seeing the bomb squad parked at the end of your street is just terrifying. I would sleep easier if I knew what was going on.”