‘Don’t degrade our city this way’ – ‘Pornographic’ restaurant advert sparks controversy

© DC Thomson
The advert, located next to Dr Noodles on the Nethergate

A controversial advert displayed in a shop window in Dundee has been branded “pornographic” by a prominent city minister.

The advert, by Aberdeen Mexican restaurant Muchacho, depicts two stick figures in what could be interpreted as a sex act.

Situated next door to the Dr Noodles eatery, the sign shows a stick figure standing behind another who is bending over with the words “support your back (when lifting our burritos).”

Reverend David Robertson, Minister of Dundee’s St. Peter’s Free Church, says the “crude” advert should be taken down.

He said: “The main thing is that it’s completely inappropriate and juvenile.

“In a world with the Harvey Weinstein scandal and so much misogyny, I just don’t see how it’s acceptable.

“It is, in effect, a pornographic image. There are kids around and it’s just crude and tasteless.

“If it tickles your sense of humour that’s one thing but if you have been a victim or you are a parent then it’s really not funny.

“How does that look to perhaps a teenage girl who has experienced behaviour like that?”

The business isn’t one to shy away from publicity having previously joked that they would build a wall around the restaurant after Donald Trump won the US presidency.

The company posted a picture on social media showing a planning permission form featuring the President’s name as an applicant — in reference to the tycoon’s promise to build a wall along the US border with Mexico.

However, Rev Robertson insists the latest move shows a lack of respect to Dundee residents.

He added: “Absolutely I would want the sign taken down. It’s in such a public place.

“I would say show some respect. Don’t degrade our city in this way.

“As an advertising campaign it completely fails.

“An advert is supposed to draw attention to the product it’s advertising – when I saw it I just thought ‘what a waste of space’ and didn’t bother to look at what it was supposed to be advertising.”

Lee Brandy, one of the founders of Muchacho, said the advert isn’t meant to be taken too seriously.

He said: “The advert in Dundee is bit of fun I guess but it’s obviously not for everyone.

“We have carried out a bit of publicity in reference to President Trump in Aberdeen and that’s had a lot of people speaking.

“We’re a young and vibrant business and we like to do things a bit tongue-in-cheek.”

Dundee City Council Spokesperson said: “We are looking into this.”

A Dundee branch of the popular restaurant is due to open at the Nethergate site in March.