Council says consultation won’t stop Dundee parking permit scheme going ahead

© DC Thomson

Dundee City Council has moved to clarify that a parking permit scheme in central Dundee will be implemented after a public consultation.

The views of the public will be sought to develop the mechanics of the scheme, which will be introduced in Maryfield, Coldside and the West End.

Councillors unanimously agreed to a permit scheme at Monday’s city development committee.

The boundaries of each residential parking zone, and the cost and the number of permits available to each household have yet to be decided and the views of the public will be sought.

The council’s initial report suggested one permit would be granted to each household at an annual cost of around £60.

However, at the committee meeting on Monday night, concerns were raised about the much higher proposed cost of the new scheme compared to one currently in place in Menzieshill which costs around £7 annually.

Bill Newcombe, chairman of the City Quay Community Council, said he would expect to have the views of the group listened to.

He said: “We would want to know exactly what is proposed and how it would be implemented.

“The council are trying their best to find a solution. It depends on what all the people think. We have been talking about it for quite some time with the council.”

The decision to consult local residents was welcomed by Liberal Democrat councillor Fraser Macpherson.

He said: “I felt it was vital that local residents and community groups get consulted on the scope of the scheme that will run in their own local areas so I moved an amendment that commits the council to undertaking such a consultation before scoping the fine detail of any scheme.

“The boundary of where the scheme should run is something residents clearly have strong views on given my postbag over the past week, as is the cost of any permit.

“Additionally, any proposal to limit permits to one per household residents have strong views on that must be listened to. Many households have two vehicles – where on earth are residents supposed to park their other vehicle if they cannot park it near their home?”

A spokesperson for Dundee City Council said: “As part of the implementation process the next phase will be that before preparing the Traffic Regulation Orders officers will consult on the proposals in the report with communities in the affected areas including community councils, residents and tenants groups and report back their findings to city development committee including the financial implications.”