Family of missing puppy ‘manhandled and carried lifeless through streets’ told to wait three days for police probe

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A frantic family are searching for a missing puppy that was last seen being manhandled and carried lifeless through the streets of Dundee.

Sharon Robson, 47, who gave Pixie the pug to daughter Leigh and her three children as a gift, said they had been told they would have to wait three days for police to investigate.

The little dog was last seen safe on Monday afternoon at the Stobswell home of family friend Kelly Deuchar, 36.

She had been looking after the beloved pet and had left it in the care of a flatmate.

The dog was later reportedly seen being roughly handled by a man in Baxter Park and carried limp through the streets of Dundee.

Pixie’s family have launched an online campaign to try to trace the 11-month-old dog but were told by Police Scotland it would be late on Thursday before an officer could speak to them — three days after she vanished.

Ms Deuchar, said she returned to the property on Monday to find both the dog and her flatmate missing.

She said: “We heard that a man had been seen mishandling Pixie and was spotted walking along Broughty Ferry road with her over his shoulder. We’ve been told that they headed down towards the water.

“We just want to know what’s happened to her because right now it’s not looking good. I was phoning and phoning the police all day on Monday because I think there is CCTV around that area but they’ve done nothing.”

Ms Robson said she felt let down by the police response.

“We’ve called them again and again and they told us they can’t send anyone out until late on Thursday night,” she said.

“We are absolutely devastated, I can’t believe someone could be so cruel.”

One woman, who was on her way home at City Quay at around 6pm on Monday, recalled seeing a man on the other side of the crossing holding a dog in his arms.

She said: “The dog was very still and I thought that was strange as a dog wouldn’t usually allow itself to be held like that without moving at all.

“He avoided passing close to me on his way towards the city centre – probably because I watching him. It was very clearly a pug and in retrospect, it seemed utterly lifeless.

“The man appeared red and flustered. I wish I had stopped him and asked if the dog was okay.”

It is understood several members of the public have issued statements to the police since Tuesday, claiming to have seen a man carrying the dog.

Police Scotland was asked last night to explain why no officer could be made available to speak to the family sooner.

A spokesman said: “We can confirm that the matter has been reported to Police Scotland and enquiries are ongoing to establish the full circumstances.”