Xplore Dundee to postpone changes to services until 2019

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Proposed changes to bus routes operated by Xplore Dundee have been postponed until 2019.

The bus operator recently outlined a number of timetable alterations which are aimed at improving punctuality and safety.

These changes were due to take place in October but Xplore Dundee has now decided the review will not be implemented until January.

Managing director Christine McGlasson said she hoped the delay would minimise potential confusion for passengers.

She said: “We’ve taken another look at the timing of this network review in light of future plans for services in the north of the city.

“Taking into account the results of our 32/33 route review in Fintry and the ongoing development in Whitfield, we’re aware that routes in this area are also facing changes to ensure they are efficient and punctual.

“Rather than confuse passengers with two separate timetable reviews, we have decided to implement these all at once, in the New Year. We will take this opportunity to talk to customers and community groups to ensure we are making the best decisions to improve services for as many customers as possible.”

Last week West End Liberal Democrat councillor Fraser Macpherson urged the company to rethink its proposed routes serving the far end of Perth Road.

Xplore wants to change the route of its number 5 service between Ninewells Hospital and Barnhill so it goes via Glamis Road and Dickson Avenue rather than the far-western end of Perth Road and Tom MacDonald. Services 9 and 10 would still serve these areas.