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VIDEO: Amazing Lego exhibit arrives in Dundee with models of Tannadice and Dens on display

A bustling brick metropolis has gone on display in one of Dundee’s most popular tourist venues.

Brick City in Verdant Works features some of the wonders of the world, as well as some local Lego landmarks.

© DC Thomson
Gill Poulter (heritage director, Dundee Heritage Trust) alongside David Reid and Marieclaire White (both of Dundee Heritage Trust).
© DC Thomson
The Lego Trevi Fountain.

Tannadice and Dens park stadiums have been painstakingly recreated as part of the exhibition, sitting alongside landmarks like the Colosseum, the Arc de Triomphe and St Pancras Station.

© DC Thomson
Lego Dens and Lego Tannadice

As well as the city’s football pitches – their real life counterparts being the closest professional rival stadiums to each other in Europe – Lego master builder Warren Elsmore and his team have re-envisaged Verdant Works itself.

© DC Thomson
The New York City Macy’s Day Parade exhibit.
© DC Thomson
The Washington, Abraham Lincoln Monument model.

A scaled-down version of the once mighty jute works takes centre stage in the centre’s award winning High Mill.

As well as getting to marvel at the intricate miniature brick designs on display, the young and young at heart will have the chance to construct their own mini works of art at the play area.

© DC Thomson
St Pancras Railway Station in London in Lego form.

Gill Poulter, heritage director for Dundee Heritage Trust, said: “This exhibition suits Dundee perfectly as the city is a UNESCO City of Design, and also fits with Verdant Works, which has won numerous awards for its own building.

“I know this will draw in the crowds during an exciting few months for Dundee.”

© DC Thomson
Gill Poulter (Heritage Director, Dundee Heritage Trust) alongside the LEGO Verdant Works – commissioned by Dundee Heritage to run alongside the visiting exhibition.

The exhibition will run from Saturday to Sunday November 11.

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