Scottish wedding census: Tell us about your big day and you could win £750

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What was your wedding like?

No, we don’t mean how bevvied-up did Auntie Bella get on the Baileys, or how Julie still hasn’t forgiven Robert for what he said about her hat!

Scottish Wedding Directory is doing its fifth survey into what matters to couples getting married in Scotland, and they want you to take part. The best bit? One lucky survey-filler-inner-winner will walk away with £750!

If your friends, family and colleagues are sick of hearing you talk about your wedding, click and tell Scottish Wedding Directory all about it instead! It will help them understand what’s important for couples when they’re writing about marriages across the country, and they’ll share the results not only in the magazine, but with all different kinds of wedding suppliers too so that they can do a better job.

Of course, you might not have got married recently, but you could pass this along to someone who has – perhaps with a heavy hint that they should spend some of the £750 they could win on you!

PS: Scottish Wedding Directory is also shortlisted for Cover of the Year, and they’d love your vote.