‘You have to make a job for yourself’ says Dundee dealer caught with £39,000 worth of drugs

© SuppliedJamie Canter.
Jamie Canter.

A drug dealer caught with a £39,000 stash was locked up yesterday after he told police “you have to make a job for yourself.”

Jobless Jamie Canter’s flat was raided by police last April following a tip that he was concerned in the supply of class A drugs.

Officers raided the property and found bags stuffed with cocaine, cutting agents and MDMA.

Canter offered to give officers a tour of the hiding spots for his stash of illicit substances in the flat in Lochee.

Asked what his occupation was he replied: “If you can’t get a job you have to make a job for yourself.”

Fiscal depute David Bernard told Dundee Sheriff Court: “The accused was in the living room when police arrived. No one else was present.

“He pointed to a cupboard and said ‘I’ll save you the bother, it’s in the top drawer’.

“He said it was cocaine.

“He also stated ‘look, would it be quicker if I just shouted you where everything is?’

“He indicated a safe in the bedroom and said ‘look, it’s left open for you already’.

“He added ‘you might find a couple of grammes lying about’.”

The court heard police found 18.12 grammes of cocaine worth up to £1,800, 598.8 grammes of the cutting agent benzocaine that would bulk the cocaine out to a value of £29,900 and a quantity of MDMA valued at £7,920.

Canter, 20, of Dundee, pled guilty on indictment to two charges of being concerned in the supply of drugs.

Defence solicitor Douglas McConnell said he would give his plea in mitigation at a later sentencing date.

Sheriff Tom Hughes deferred sentence until next month and remanded Canter in custody.

He said: “You have pled guilty to very serious matters and you were on bail at the time. That and your record makes it almost inevitable that you will be facing a custodial sentence.”