‘People use it as a rat run’ – Calls for safety measure after another accident on ‘notorious’ Dundee junction

Fire and ambulance services at the scene.
Fire and ambulance services at the scene.

Locals are stepping up calls for safety measures on one of Dundee’s busiest roads after the latest collision at the weekend.

Clepington Road was closed for more than an hour after the two car crash on Saturday morning.

One female passenger needed medical treatment at the scene and smoke was seen billowing from a silver Citreon involved in the crash.

Police closed the road between the Court Street North and Arklay Street junctions as emergency services dealt with the situation.

Two fire engine and two ambulances were also on the scene.

Busy Dundee road reopened after two car crash

One eyewitness said: “I heard a loud bang. Smoke was coming from one of the cars and a woman in the Citreon appeared to be hurt.

“Lots of people came to her help. Locals were directing traffic before the police arrived on scene.”

It is the latest in a series of accidents around the busy route.

One local resident, Steven Harris, said he had started parking his car away from the street so it isn’t hit when an accident happens.

He said: “That is a terrible junction. I’ve only lived here since 2016 and I’ve lost count of how many accidents there have been since then.

“I used to live in London and Manhattan and I’ve never seen driving like what happens here.”

He said traffic lights were needed to make the junction safe.

“The problem is people use it as a rat run and come off the Kingsway to use this road instead, presumably thinking it’s not as busy,” he added.

“Something definitely needs to be done here.”

Maryfield councillor Georgia Cruickshank, who has previously raised concerns about the road, said: “You often find cars parked on both sides of the road so visibility is impaired.

“Buses go up and down there too so sometimes it feels like you’re being squeezed in.

“The junction at Arklay Street is particularly bad. It can be quite tricky.”

The Labour councillor added: “I’ve had a near-miss myself there. The sun was low and I was edging out and another car clipped me slightly. I think they couldn’t see me because of the light from the sun.

“I’m not sure what could be done, but it is something that should be looked at again.”

SNP councillor Lynne Short, depute convener for community safety, said: “I hope everyone involved in the accident recovers.

“If patterns are seen and then possible solutions available then these will be taken.

“However, ultimately we are all responsible for driving to the conditions and speeds of the roads.”