A Fairer Fife for all

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Children have been creating a Fairer Fife mural, which has toured primary schools.

Fifers are being urged to sign a pledge to make the kingdom more equal for everyone.

Council leader David Ross is keen to see businesses, voluntary organisations, schools, colleges and the public sign up to say how they are helping make Fife fairer.

“Everyone can do something to help Fife be fairer,” he said.

The Fairer Fife action plan sets out what the council is doing in partnership with others to help combat poverty.

“But we need support from all Fifers to help make a real difference to people’s lives,” Mr Ross said.

The plan highlights over 40 ways the council is working with partners, including encouraging local employers to pay the Living Wage and take on more apprentices, persuading Fifers to take up volunteering opportunities and making wi-fi available in all public buildings.

“There are too many Fifers living in relative poverty and that’s unacceptable,” the council leader explained.

Dunfermline-based Dynamic EMS has taken on a modern apprentice thanks to support from the Fife Youth Jobs contract, a Fife Council initiative which involves Opportunities Fife Partners to create employment and training opportunities for young people.

The firm’s Veronica Allan said: “One of the biggest opportunities modern apprenticeships offer is the chance to build a loyal workforce to help move the business forward.

“We thought long and hard before taking the plunge and employing a modern apprentice, but it has paid off 100% and I’d fully recommend it to other local businesses — large and small.”

Mr Ross added: “This local business is one of many that are helping create a Fairer Fife and it’s one of the ways we’re making a difference.

“Fife’s Community Planning Partnership and Fife Council have already signed the Fairer Fife pledge.

“Now the challenge is on to get as many people as possible to pledge their commitment and create a fairer and more prosperous Fife for everyone.”

For more information visit www.fifedirect.org.uk/fairerfife.