Missing Allan Bryant: Family admit they have run out of places to look

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Allan Bryant and his missing son, Allan Jr.

The father of Allan Bryant Jr says he has run out of places to search for his missing son.

Allan Bryant said every day is an emotional struggle for him, more than three years after his boy was last seen leaving a nightclub near the family’s Glenrothes home.

While vowing to continue the campaign to find out what has happened to Allan Jr, Mr Bryant admits the lack of answers has been hard to cope with.

“It’s draining for us,” said Mr Bryant. “Marie, Allan’s mum, and I both have really hard days but we have to try and stay strong for the family.

“We don’t know where to search any more. We have searched everywhere we can think of.”

Allan Jr was 23 when he disappeared after a night out with friends on November 3 2013.

He had been at Styx Nightclub on Caskieberran Road, with CCTV footage showing him leaving the venue in the early hours of the morning.

High-profile appeals have been made by both his family and the police, with Police Scotland having launched the biggest missing person search in Fife’s history.

However, there is still no trace of Allan Jr, who would now be 26.

As well as public rallies aimed at bolstering awareness of his son’s disappearance, a Facebook page started by Mr Bryant has attracted more than 80,000 followers from around the world.

However, aware that this is now having a limited impact, he said the family is thinking of new ways to keep Allan Jr’s story in the public eye.

“I’m thinking of getting a caravan and putting pictures of Allan on the side of it,” he said.

“We could park it up by the Forth Road Bridge, or take it to places like Edinburgh and Glasgow.

“We need to think of something new though because I’ve stopped posting on our Facebook page as much.

“Sometimes I’ve just been repeating myself, but we will keep on going because we’re not going to give in.”