Hands off Inverkeithing’s Wing say councillors

© DC Thomson
Inverkeithing High School.

Future councillors deciding on where to slash spending in Fife have been warned to keep their hands off Inverkeithing’s Wing.

South-west Fife councillors made a plea for the “unique” community use facility at Inverkeithing High School to be protected from budget cuts under the new Fife Council which will be formed following May’s election.

The Wing, as it is known locally, is open to the public for sports, leisure and adult education classes.

It also offers children’s classes including gymnastics, swimming lessons, football, martial arts, creative arts, drama and youth clubs.

There are concerns that reorganisation could put at risk what was described as exceptional work at the centre.

The council’s south west Fife area committee agreed to ask officers to do everything possible to ensure that the unique work of the Wing continues and flourishes.

Councillor David Dempsey, who led the plea, said sterling work carried out at the Wing had contributed to the area and the regeneration of south east Inverkeithing.

He said: “The Wing runs on a wing and a prayer a lot of the time.

“If resources are being trimmed, as may be inevitable, we need to do something to ensure that this unique offering is resourced at the level it needs to retain its uniqueness.

“We should make those that make the decisions abundantly clear on that.”

Councillor Alice McGarry said the facility had been allowed to erode after it was built in 1972 but had been reinvigorated in recent years, although not to the extent people might wish.

She said: “The Wing is close to hearts of many people in Inverkeithing.

“We need to sustain the Wing and recognise the huge amount of work that people put in.”

Councillor Gavin Yates added: “I cannot stress enough how important the Wing is.

“I take my kids regularly to many community-use facilities but the Wing is different, it’s ingrained in the community.

“I hope that, whatever iteration of the next committee, they follow our lead and make sure it’s hands off the Wing.”