Calls for Levenmouth rail task force

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Councillor Colin Davidson

A task force of politicians and advisors must be urgently set up to push the case for a new Levenmouth rail link.

Local councillor Colin Davidson argued the panel, combined with a special coalition of business, freight and passenger groups, was the only way the five-mile stretch of track would ever be delivered.

Mr Davidson, who represents Leven, Kennoway and Largo, said a specific timescale should also be set to ensure minds are focused on a deadline for the project.

Campaigners calling for the reinstatement of the line between Leven and Thornton junction are still reeling from the news it will receive nothing from the £1 billion Edinburgh and South East Scotland city deal.

They have begun a series of talks with council officials to devise their next steps.

Mr Davidson has already met officers from Sestran, a partnership encompassing eight local authorities in the south east of Scotland, including Fife, to discuss the rail link and said he received a “fantastic reception”.

“I think we need to bring together a coalition of business, freight and passenger groups to put forward a case for a Levenmouth rail link to support freight and passengers,” he said.

“The group should include housebuilders, trade unions, major employers and local industry. That’s the only way we can bring this forward.”

The councillor praised the work of members of the Levenmouth Rail Campaign group, which he described as exemplary, but said it was vital they received more support.

“It’s not enough to say it’s in our manifesto or we’re behind it. We need a timeline or we won’t deliver it at all,” he said.

“The time for talking is over. We need a task force set up within Fife Council that includes politicians, national advisers and council officers.”

Mr Davidson reiterated the view that there was evidence to show the case for the Levenmouth rail link was far stronger than that for the Borders railway, which was delivered.

“It’s not right politicians like myself are saying they’re angry and bemused. We need to get round a table and really do something to support this.”