Queensferry Crossing: Farmers’ union given all-clear for tractors to use new route

© DC Thomson

Motorists who have been dealing with delays on the new Queensferry Crossing may not welcome the news but tractor drivers have been given the all-clear to use the route.

The National Farmers’ Union of Scotland says it has received confirmation that agricultural vehicles have access to the £1.35 billion bridge while it remains classed as an A road.

Longer term, the union is looking to secure an agreement which would see agricultural vehicles allowed to use the Forth Road Bridge when it reopens as a public transport corridor.

Chairman of NFU Scotland’s legal and technical committee Jamie Smart, who also operates the union’s agricultural vehicles helpline, said: “Both sides of the Forth are very productive farmland and transport of goods and machinery are important to keep these agricultural businesses moving at this busy time of year.

“Members in the area were concerned about access arrangements to the new Queensferry Crossing now that it has opened.

“Upon contacting the authorities, some farmers had been instructed that they could only use the Kincardine or Clackmannan bridges. That was incorrect.”

He said following a request from NFUS, they received confirmation that, in the short term, agricultural vehicles can use the new bridge as it has an A class road status.

“Longer term, once the Queensferry Crossing achieves motorway status, NFUS is looking for agricultural vehicles to have access to the Forth Road Bridge,” he added.

“Discussions are ongoing, but the union is seeking access to the Forth Road Bridge without the need for cumbersome bureaucracy or unnecessary levels of paperwork for the farmers looking to use that route.”