St Andrews students urged to behave responsibly during Raisin Weekend

© DC Thomson
Foam-filled fun during a previous Raisin Weekend.

Police in St Andrews have warned anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated during the annual Raisin Weekend later this month.

Students have been urged to behave responsibly when taking part in the centuries’ old tradition, which sees academic families formed and includes the famous foam fight on the Lower College Lawn.

Drunken antics during this event, which this year takes place on Monday October 23, have prompted complaints from residents.

Local officers have said that criminal offences during the celebration will not be tolerated and those involved could face prosecution and a criminal record.

Students have also been urged to stay safe on Sunday and Monday and look after each other.

Police said they would maintain an appropriate presence in the town as first year students join their older peers in the historic custom, which takes its name from the traditional gift of a pound of raisins from new students to their academic parents.

Community Sergeant Neil Johnston of St Andrews police station, said: “The majority of those taking part in Raisin Weekend will act in a responsible manner.

“However the behaviour of a small number can negatively impact on the reputation of the town’s students and I want to make it clear that noise nuisance, anti-social behaviour and drinking in the streets will not be tolerated.

“We are working closely with the university and we would like to remind students that should they come to the attention of the police this could negatively impact on their university career.

“We also want to emphasise to students the need to be safe, encouraging them to look after each other and not place themselves or their friends in danger.

“Our advice is to stick with your friends, know in advance where you are going, how you are getting there and how you plan to get back.

“Please also remember never to leave venues with anyone whom you do not know and trust.”

“Last year’s event saw a welcomed improvement on the behaviour of previous years and it is hoped Raisin Weekend 2017 can build on this success and see a further improvement.”

People reporting incidents of criminal behaviour are advised to call 101 or 999 in an emergency.