What a stinker! — Fife football team were sent box of MANURE after stormy Borders encounter

A flashpoint during the match.

A Fife football team found trouble in the box when they were sent a package of cow manure after a stormy match in the Borders.

A former committee member of Peebles Rovers is understood to have sent the stinking box of cow waste to Kelty Hearts following a row on the pitch.

Mr Keith got into a disagreement with two Kelty players after watching his side lose 7-0 at home on October 28.

Shortly afterwards, a box arrived addressed to the players which contained cow dung as well as nails.

Neil Hobson, spokesman for Peebles Rovers, was asked to confirm reports that Mr Keith had sent the box and replied: “Stewart did send it, yes.

“There was in an incident at the Kelty match where he got into a spat with two of the players but I can’t tell you any more.”

Footage of the match shows a number of flashpoints between players as heavy tackles rain in, but the exact nature of the dispute involving Mr Keith has not been revealed.

Mr Keith served on the committee of Peebles Rovers and his son, Saul Schulz-Keith, plays for the club as a striker.

Mr Hobson added: “He had stepped down from the committee before that for other reasons.”

Malcolm McGill, Peebles Rovers’ match secretary, was also asked to comment on Mr Keith’s odorous present to Kelty.

Mr McGill replied: “He resigned two weeks ago so the club is not really in a position to comment. It was done by an individual outwith the club.

“The official position is that it’s nothing to do with the club.”

Mr McGill added: “Someone from Kelty phoned me and knew it was Stewart. So he maybe put his name to it.”

Kelty were also keeping tight-lipped about the incident.

A spokesman for the club said: “We don’t want to comment on this just now. We are in dialogue with Peebles Rovers about the matter.”

Neither the SFA nor the East of Scotland League, in which the two clubs play, were aware of the incident.

“Obviously if the league received anything we would investigate”, said league secretary David Baxter.

Asked to comment, Mr Keith said: “It’s a private matter. I don’t want to comment on that. It has nothing to do with my resignation.”

“I haven’t been removed from the committee at Peebles Rovers Football Club. I resigned my position. It was done from a private point of view.”

Kelty Hearts are enjoying their first season in the league, two levels below the Scottish Professional Football League, after transferring from the Juniors where they won last season’s East Super League.