Vandals showing ‘utter contempt’ by damaging court buildings while waiting for trials

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Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court is the most vandalised in Scotland.

Vandals across Courier Country have caused thousands of pounds worth of criminal damage at courts while waiting for their trials to call.

Tax payers have been forced to fork out more than £23,000 fixing vandalised court houses in the last two years, with Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court emerging as the worst affected in Scotland.

It has seen more than £2,800 worth of damage since April 2015.

The figures were obtained via a Freedom of Information request by The Courier into how much damage is perpetrated by people sitting in court rooms awaiting trial.

Two incidents of vandalism between April 1 2015- April 1 2016 cost Dundee Sheriff Court £607.65 to fix

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Dundee Sheriff Court.

At Perth Sheriff Court, three incidents over two years contributed to £374.42 worth of damage.

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Perth Sheriff Court.

Forfar Sheriff Court in Angus was subjected to four incidences of vandalism in two years, amounting to a £544.08 repair bill.

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Forfar Sheriff Court.

Scottish Conservative justice spokesperson Liam Kerr MSP said the figures showed “utter contempt” for the justice system.

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals service said despite attempts to limit the amount of vandalism carried out year on year in their buildings, the tax payer is ultimately having to pay for repairs which could be entirely avoidable.

A spokesman for the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service said: “We work hard to minimise the incidence of vandalism but court buildings, like other public buildings in Scotland, suffer from the problem.

“Costs of repairing this damage falls on the public purse and at this time of financial challenge, that money could be better invested elsewhere.”

Mr Kerr said: “It beggars belief that people waiting to appear in court will then cause criminal damage to the very buildings in which justice is being served.

“Quite frankly, it shows an utter contempt for our judicial system.

“The figures also mean that valuable resources are being wasted on unnecessary repair costs due to vandalism.

“At a time when court budgets in Tayside and Fife are being squeezed by the SNP government, this is money that could be far better spent elsewhere.”