‘It is not acceptable’ — CCTV warning as Christmas waste piles up in Dunfermline

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A festive flytipping hotspot has been identified as a priority target for mobile CCTV.

Fife Council is to despatch surveillance cameras to a recycling bank at Duloch in Dunfermline after a mountain of Christmas clutter was dumped at the site on Boxing Day.

Local councillor Fay Sinclair says that she was inundated with complaints from local residents and has warned that those who dump waste in the future may be subject to criminal proceedings.

“Mobile CCTV is going to be deployed there,” she said.

“It is something that Fife Council has been looking at and that site has been identified as a priority.

“The waste produced over Christmas is excessive but people have to realise that it is not acceptable to dump rubbish like that.

“Now council workers have got to sort it out.”

A photograph taken at the site on Boxing Day showed a deluge of cardboard boxes and plastic bags dumped at the recycling facility, located within the car park of the Tesco supermarket.

Local authority recycling centres were closed on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day, however, with the Duloch site capable of hosting just a handful of cardboard bins, the area was quickly overwhelmed by the number of households keen to clear their homes of unwanted packaging.

The build-up of waste has come depsite normal domestic bin collections continuing, albeit with some date changes due to the two day council shutdown.

Earlier this year, Dunfermline MSP Shirley-Anne Somerville highlighted her concerns about the abuse of the Duloch recycling point, claiming that business waste was also being dumped at the site.

As services returned to normal on Wednesday, council staff had managed to clear the affected area by early morning.

However, keen not to see similar scenes in the future, councillor Sinclair added: “This site is not a dump or a recycling centre.

“People might think they are doing the right thing but really this is just flytipping.”