How bad was the snow in Fife? This photo of a car buried feet under says it all

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As things begin to get back to normal across Fife, pictures are still emerging of the extent of last week’s extreme weather.

Farmer Zander Hughes was amazed to find this car buried under several feet of snow as he attempted to clear the road with his tractor.

Zander, of South Dundonald Farm near Cardenden, had been told there was a vehicle trapped somewhere on the road between Cardenden and Auchtertool but had no idea where.

“We didn’t know exactly where it was so we were walking about poking with a shovel,” he said.

“We realised we were actually standing on the roof of the car which was under about two feet of snow.

“It was a really bad drift.”

Zander said he and colleagues had been doing their bit for the community by clearing the road, which runs past Loch Gelly.

“We haven’t been called out by anybody but we have the machines to do it,” he said.

“This was just one of the roads we cleared.”