Tiny dog had to be put down after Fife owner kicked it so hard it was ‘launched into the air’

© SuppliedThe pet dog had to be euthanised.
The pet dog had to be euthanised.

A court has heard sickening details of how a tiny pet dog had to be put down after being kicked into the air by its callous owner.

The animal had been neglected for months before the shocking incident, leading to a string of ailments, Dunfermline Sheriff Court was told.

The shih tzu – a toy dog breed ­– was dragged along the pavement by Robert Goodwillie who then kicked the animal, resulting in her landing on the ground with her legs splayed.

In the run-up to the incident, the pet had been caused unnecessary suffering by Goodwillie, 29, and Levi Bissett, 24, at their home in Broomhead Drive, Dunfermline, over a three-month period this year.

Goodwillie and Bissett had initially submitted guilty pleas by letter at Dunfermline Sheriff Court.

Both admitted that between January 10 and April 10 they caused an animal, a female shih tzu dog named Suki, unnecessary suffering.

They failed to provide adequate veterinary treatment, causing a chronic skin condition, dry eye and overgrown claw issues resulting in complications with her health.

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Goodwillie also admitted that at his home on April 10 he caused the dog unnecessary suffering by dragging and kicking her and kicking her in the air, resulting in her landing on the ground with her legs splayed.

A social work report had been called for and when the pair appeared in court for sentencing neither Goodwillie and Bissett were represented by a solicitor.

Asked by Sheriff Craig McSherry if they had anything to say about the offences, they both shook their heads.

Depute fiscal Alistair McDermid said: “The dog had to be put down because of the state it was in.”

However, there was no motion for a court order banning the pair from owning animals in future.

Sheriff McSherry imposed four-month restriction of liberty orders on both Goodwillie, who has a previous conviction for the possession of child pornography, and Bissett, who also goes by the second names Hamilton or Mallett.