Teenage girls slammed for reckless behaviour at Fife multi-storey car park

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A Fife mother has urged children to think twice about safety after spotting teenagers hanging over the edge of a multi-storey car park.

Julie Inches was shopping at the Kingdom Shopping Centre in Glenrothes on Sunday afternoon when she heard voices coming from above her.

The mother-of-two was horrified to see a group of young girls climbing over the safety railings on the top level of the car park before carrying out a series of daft stunts.

Julie, who lives in Kirkcaldy, said: “There were young girls standing on the ledge of the multi-storey and another two standing with their phones in their hands on the car park.

“One girl stayed on the ledge while the other went back over the railings but then a different girl climbed over onto the ledge again.

At one point, all three of them were on the ledge with fourth girl staying on the car park.

“They were lowering their legs down and one girl was holding her phone and was only hanging on with one hand.

“I didn’t shout or anything because I didn’t want to really bring attention to myself or give them a fright. I did make sure they saw me taking photos though.

“When they saw me, they stayed on the ledge but about 30 seconds after that, they all climbed back over the railings into the car park and left.

“I think it’s just an unnecessary risk. I think some of today’s youth don’t realise that people are worried for them.

“They don’t realise that they’re causing distress to other people because what may seem like a small risk to them, is actually just senseless. What were they trying to do?

“It looked me to like they were trying to draw attention to themselves with a bit of bravado.

“I couldn’t go up and stop them but at the same time, I wanted them to know that I had noticed them and was taking a photo to try and deter them.

“I think they did the right then and moved away very quickly so they probably did realise that maybe they were being a bit silly.

“They had absolutely no fear. There was no screaming or anything, they were having a chat up there, holding on with one hand.

“Cars are passing underneath them as well which is a distraction to the drivers but they could also fall and a car could be coming along and they’d have no chance of stopping. It’s just crazy.”

Kingdom Shopping Centre Manager David Carson said: “Our primary concern is the safety of our shoppers and all members of the public and we thank them for bringing this to our attention.

“As a result,  we will ensure measures are put in place to minimise any opportunities to repeat this irresponsible behaviour.”