Glenrothes road block threat if no progress on A92 safety improvements

© DC ThomsonFormer Transport Minister Humza Yousaf visited the hazards last year
Former Transport Minister Humza Yousaf visited the hazards last year

Frustrated road safety campaigners have threatened to block the A92 at Glenrothes unless improvements are brought forward soon.

Members of North Glenrothes Community Council say they will stage a rolling road block to highlight identified hazards at Cadham and Balfarg juntions in the north of the town.

Vice chair Morris Brown revealed a campaign march was planned for the spring if there was no evidence of progress towards promised safety upgrades.

“We need solutions relatively quickly to make things better for all residents and if we can’t get political will the nice way, we’ll have to push for it another way,” he said.

Mr Morris was speaking at a meeting where Transport Scotland and Bear Scotland officials revealed initial options being taken forward for further consideration.

These include either traffic lights or a roundabout at Balfarg junction and traffic lights at Cadham junction, although the cost of these, as well as the potential impact on A92 traffic, would have to be assessed and understood before a final decision is made.

Upgrading junctions in Freuchie is also being looked at, including the possibility of a roundabout at the Kettlebridge turn off.

All the options agreed at Wednesday’s meeting will be looked at in detail this financial year with the potential for work going ahead in 2020-21.

A further meeting to discuss progress with the community will take place in early summer.

Mr Brown said he accepted the positive steps being taken but feared they could be “kicked into the long grass”.

“We will push for more affirmative action if we see the grass growing,” he said.

Fellow vice chair Denise Wallace said she was pleased to finally see action being taken by Transport Scotland after more than a decade of campaigning.

But she confirmed the planned road block if evidence of progress was not seen, adding: “It’s not a threat, it’s a promise.

“The A92 is not fit for purpose. It’s a third world road in a first world country.”

Glenrothes SNP MSP Jenny Gilruth said the community was starting to see something being done.

“The dangers on this road are long-established and North Glenrothes Community Council should be commended for their efforts in getting us here,” she said.

“I’m pleased to see this is being taken seriously and we have a commitment for potentially installing lights at Balfarg junction.

“What we need now is a timeline of action.”

Morag Mackay from Transport Scotland said: “In no way will this be kicked into the long grass.

“These are considerations we want to take forward for further investigation.

“We are very focused on what the issues are and are trying to solve some of them.”