Man punched customer in Silvery Tay after shouting sectarian slur in Scotch egg rant

© Google MapsThe Silvery Tay chip shop in Newport.
The Silvery Tay chip shop in Newport.

A Newport man shouted a sectarian slur and punched a man in a chip shop during an incident involving a cold Scotch egg.

The drama unfolded at the Silvery Tay chip shop on the High Street during the evening of March 17.

James Martin, 41, was at the premises when another customer asked staff if they could heat up a Scotch egg he had bought in a nearby Co-op.

Martin then involved himself in the conversation and described the Co-op worker who had sold the food by using a sectarian slur.

When the complainer urged Martin to calm down, the latter punched him and a fight ensued.

Depute Fiscal Isobel Vincent said: “The complainer entered the locus with his wife.

“He placed an order for food. While he was waiting he asked the manager whether he would fry some food that he had purchased at a reduced price from the Co-Op that day.

“He explained the food was nearly out of date. The accused became annoyed at this and referred to the worker (who had sold the food) as a ‘f*****g p***k’.

“He was asked to calm down. The complainer also asked him to calm down and the accused punched the complainer on the head.

“The complainer collapsed to the ground. He attempted to grab hold of the accused and the pair of them ended up on the floor.”

The man who was punched eventually got away from the accused, called police and went to Ninewells Hospital.

Martin, of Vincent Street in Newport-on-Tay, pled guilty to behaving in a threatening and abusive manner, shouting, swearing and using sectarian language.

He also admitted assaulting Nigel McElfatrick by punching him on the head to his injury.

Martin, who has no other outstanding cases, made no reply when he was cautioned and charged.

Sentencing was deferred until August 7 from criminal justice and social work reports and Martin was bailed in the meantime.