VIDEO: These days-old baby pygmy goats are capturing hearts at a Fife farm

Pygmy goat babies are causing a stir at a Fife farm.

© DC Thomson
Buffalo Farm owner Steven Mitchell with the newborn Pygmy Goats.

Olive and Ivy were born at The Buffalo Farm, near Kirkcaldy, five days ago.

© DC Thomson
The baby pygmy goats feel grass for the first time from being born on Saturday.
© DC Thomson
Amelia Bell (3) from Glenrothes with mum Penny meet the babies.

The kids were the first to arrive at Boglily Farm Steading, run by farmer Steven Mitchell, and more are on the way.

© DC Thomson
Mason Reid (4) from Kirkcaldy is lucky to meet the baby pygmy goats.

Mum Willow had to have a caesarean section during a difficult birth but is now on the mend.

The kids’ names were chosen after Steven appealed for suggestions on social media.

Pygmy goats grow to around 16 to 23 inches tall.

Pictures and video by Steven Brown.