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August 14 2017, 9.29amUpdated: August 13 2017, 12.21pm
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Claire Philip of Aberfeldy shows her delight in getting a fourth place rosette in the classic vintage tractor class.

An afternoon of entertainment and competitions at Aberfeldy Show on Saturday followed the judging of livestock at the Atholl and Breadalbane Agricultural Show and Highland Gathering at Wade’s Park.

The entertainment was so varied that there were often up to five or six events taking place at the same time at various parts of the arena.

Weather conditions were almost perfect for most of the day, no rain and warm enough for spectators, cool enough for competitors.

Some of the funniest scenes were at the terrier racing when Martin Kennedy, who had the ”tail”, was chased by some four-legged entries who escaped from the starting blocks.

Spectators later joined in the excitement at the caber event when some went very close before Stuart Anderson achieved a 12 o’clock throw.

The carrying of the Menzies Stone attracted many young, and not so young, men and some girls who were not quite able to lift the stone but were all cheered on in their efforts. There was a noticeably strong representation from France and Germany. The event was eventually won by local lad Ally Marshall for the second successive year with another personal best.

There was a special celebrity attraction while ITV’s This Morning presenter Alison Hammond sampled several of the heavyweight events. Her experiences are expected to be shown on her programme on ITV on Monday morning sometime between 10.30am and 12.30pm.

Officials couldn’t give an estimate of the attendance at Wade’s Park but numbers in recent years have been put at around 4,000 and there seemed many more this year with spectators up to 10 or more deep around the ring. Stands at the Highland dancing and main ring were busy throughout the afternoon.

The games were opened after a march to the ground led by local pipers and the 2017 Chieftain, Keith Moncrieff of Aberfeldy, who has been a supporter of the show for many years. The parade included members of the Clan Menzies, competitors, conveners and committee members.

Mr Moncrieff presented awards for long service in agriculture and estate work. The Mains of Murthly Cup for long service in agriculture and a framed certificate from the Royal Highland Agricultural Society were presented to Gordon Learmonth who has been stockman and latterly farm grieve with Atholl Estate for 33 years.

Scottish Landowners and Estates certificates of merit were presented to two workers at Bolfracks Estate — Alister Fraser who has been there for 43 years, and Andrew McKerchar who has been there for 26 years.

Presentation introductions were by Roddy Thomson, chairman, who also welcomed Athel Price, owner of Bolfracks Estate.

There was a full programme of Highland dancing, piping, running, backhold wrestling, tug o’ war, and terrier racing, plus a Horticultural Show and an Industrial Section featuring the work of Women’s Institutes.

Games results –

Heavyweights – 16 lb hammer – 1 David Colthart jun., Blair Atholl (116 ft 8 in.); 2 Stuart Anderson, Lochearnhead (107 ft); 3 Pete Hart, Glenisla (102 ft).; 4 David Colthart sen., Blair Atholl (87 ft 6 in.).

16lb shot – 1 David Colthart jun. (43 ft 7 in.); 2 Stuart Anderson (41 ft 1 in.); 3 Gordon Banner (35 ft 1 in.); 4 Pete Hart (34 ft 8 in.).

22 lb shot putt – 1 Stuart Anderson (29 ft 5 in.); 2 David Colthart jun. (28 ft 5 in.); 3 Gordon Banner (24 ft 9 in.); 4 Pete Hart (24 ft 3 in.).

28lb weight for distance – 1 Stuart Anderson (69 ft 2 in.); 2  Pete Hart (57 in. 10 in.); 3 David Colthart jun. (53 ft 10 in.); 4 David Colthart sen. (52 ft).

Caber – 1 Stuart Anderson ; 2 Pete Hart; 3 David Colthart jun.; 4 David Colthart sen.

56lb weight over the bar – 1 Stuart Anderson (13 ft 6 in.); 2 Gordon Banner

(13 ft ); 3 Pete Hart (12 ft) 4 David Colthart jun. (12 ft).

Sheaf over the bar – 1 equal David Colthart jun. and Pete Hart (21 ft); 3 equal Stuart Anderson and Gordon Banner (20 ft).

Overall winners – 1 Stuart Anderson 34 pts; 2 David Colthart jun. 28 pts; 3 Pete Hart 23 pts; 4 Gordon Banner 20 pts; 5 David Colthart sen. 13 pts.

Menzies Stone – 1 Ally Marshall, Aberfeldy (173 min. 1 sec.); 2 David Colthart jun., Blair Atholl (160 ft 8 in.); 3 Stuart Anderson (102 ft 5 in.); 4 Lewis Hall, Killiecrankie (93 ft 2 in.).

Tug o’ war, open  (Bob Lindsay Tug o’ War Shield) – Strathardle beat Aberfeldy YFC 2-0.

Weem Hill race, open – 1 Graham Gristwood, Dunblane (23.38 min., new record); 2 Chris Smithard, Stirling (25.14 min.); 3 Justin Carter, Cambridge

(26.5 min.).

Female – 1 Sarah Knox, Aberdeen (34.09 min.); 2 Rowena Hill, Aberfeldy

(34.18 min.); 3 Rachel Moir, Edinburgh (37.22 min).

Local – 1 Cameron Gray, Tulliemet (27.42 min.); 2 Stephen Paulinson, Killin

(28.53 min.); 3 Ewan McDougall (29.52 min.). Local female – 1 Rowena Hill

(34.18 min.).

Vintage Tractors. Vintage class – 1 Bob Fearn, Camserney (Ferguson Grey Gold); 2 Charlie McDougall, Crieff (1938 Silver King); 3 Hamish Aitchison, Bankfoot (1952 David Brown Cropmaster).

Classic – 1 Mark Gilmour, Bankfoot (1965 Ferguson 65); 2 Ronnie Crighton, Kirmichael (1963 Massey Ferguson 35X); 3 Billy Henderson, Strathtay (1964 MF 35X); 4 Claire Philip, Aberfeldy (1960 Nuffield 10/60); 5 Finlay McAskill, Killin (MF 135).

Implements – 1 Ally Robb, Ballinluig (potato digger); 2 Hamish Aitchison (ditcher); 3 Sandy Thomson, Grandtully (hay mower).

Highland dancing –

Confined – Under-13. Highland Fling – 1 Lauren Johnston, Pitlochry; 2 Erin Slane, Pitcairngreen; 3 Rylee Kimpton, Kenmore. Barracks Johnnie – 1 Erin Slane; 2 Ellie Closs, Methven; 3 Lara Gudmundsson, Dalguise. Heilan’ Laddie – 1 Erin Slane; 2 Ellie Closs; 3 Lauren Johnston. Overall winner – Erin Slane, Pitcairngreen.

13 Years and U16. Highland Fling – 1 Lauren Dingwall, Perth; 2 Shannah Davidson, Pitlochry; 3 Mackenzie Low, Pitlochry. Barracks Johnnie – 1 Lauren Dingwall; 2 Shannah Davidson. Heilan’ Laddie – 1 Lauren Dingwall; 2 Mackenzie Low; 3 Shannah Davidson. Overall winner – Lauren Dingwall, Perth.

Adult. Highland Fling – 1 Jillian Kennedy, Aberfeldy; 2 Lyndsey Douglas, Birnam; 3 Ailsa Sloan, Blackford. Barracks Johnnie – 1 Lyndsey Douglas; 2 Jillian Kennedy; 3 Ailsa Sloan. Heilan’ Laddie – 1 Jillian Kennedy; 2 Lyndsey Douglas; 3 Ailsa Sloan. Overall winner – Jillian Kennedy, Aberfeldy.

Open – Under-11. Highland Fling – 1 Morgan O’Connor, Manchester; 2 Camryn Sullivan, Connecticut, USA. Sword Dance – 1 Morgan O’Connor; 2 Camryn Sullivan.

Sailor’s Hornpipe – 1 Morgan Connor; 2 Camryn Sullivan. Jig – 1 Morgan O’Connor; 2 Camryn Sullivan. Overall winner – Morgan O’Connor, Manchester.

11 Years and U13. Highland Fling – 1 Katie Douglas, Forfar; 2 Erin Slane, Pitcairngreen; 3 Ellie Closs, Methven. Seann Triubhas – 1 Erin Slane; 2 Ellie Closs; 3 Lauren Johnston, Pitlochry. Sailor’s Hornpipe – 1 Ellie Closs; 2 Lauren Johnston; 3 Erin Slane. Jig – 1 Ellie Closs; 2 Erin Slane; 3 Katie Douglas. Overall winner – Ellie Closs, Methven.

13 Years and U16. Highland Fling – 1 Bethany Clark, Inverbervie; 2 Abigail Brown, Ontario; 3 Lauren Dingwall, Perth. Hullachan – 1 Selina Gordon, Stonehaven; 2 Bethany Clark; 3 Lauren Dingwall. Jig – 1 Bethany Clark; 2 Selina Gordon; 3 Shannah Davidson, Pitlochry. Sailor’s Hornpipe – 1 Bethany Clark; 2 Selina Gordon; 3 Lauren Dingwall. Overall winner – Bethany Clark.

Adults. Highland Fling – 1 Finley Duncan, Banff; 2 Hamish McInnes, Brisbane, Australia; 3 Ellie Roe-Daniels, Tasmania. Strathspey and Reel – 1 Ellie Roe-Daniels; 2 Finley Duncan 3 Hamish McInnes. Sailor’s Hornpipe – 1 Hamish McInnes; 2 Finley Duncan; 3 Chloe Shearer, Paisley. Jig – 1 Chloe Shearer; 2 Hamish McInnes; 3 Ellie Roe-Daniels. Overall winner – Hamish McInnes, Brisbane.

Most points overall groups – Bethany Clark, Inverbervie.


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