Community council seeking land buyout for people of Pitlochry

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The Burnside toilets. The community would like to see them brought back into use.

Pitlochry residents are attempting to secure a large piece of land for the community in the face of the threat of development.

The site, at Burnside, comprises public open space, disabled parking spaces and disused toilets.

Perth and Kinross Council had been proposing to sell the land to a property company that owns adjoining land.

Pitlochry and Moulin Community Council has lodged a bid under the Community Empowerment Act for transfer of the land.

The community council has already hosted a public meeting in the town hall to discuss the bid and future uses.

The local authority has confirmed it has frozen talks with the developer while it awaits developments on the community council proposals.

The Burnside toilets were declared surplus to council requirements a number of years ago and the site has been unused ever since.

Council grounds staff have maintained the grass around the site as the property remains in its ownership.

A spokesman for the community council said: “We only found out by chance that the council was proposing to sell this land.

“Having become aware of that proposal, we have put in our interest under the act for a transfer of the land.

“There are a number of potential uses but one thing that is clear is that many people would like to see the toilet reopened.

“Since it closed a decade ago the usage of the other public toilet in town has doubled and is now by far the busiest in Perth and Kinross. There are queues in the summer months.”

If that is not feasible, the community council said the town could look at creating a mix of disabled car parking and open space.

“If we can make this work there are a number of areas of derelict ground around the town that could follow,” the spokesperson added.

Perth and Kinross Council said it would await further information from the community council before taking further action.

“The site is not regarded as being public open space with a high amenity value – rather it is ground forming part of a former public toilet site.

“Discussions have taken place with a third party interested in the possible sale of the toilets.

“All discussions have, however, been suspended while we consider the notice of interest from the community.

“We have been in contact with the community council and have asked them to confirm what plans they have for the future use of the property.”