Results from 2017 Pitlochry Highland Games

© DC Thomson
Competitors at Pitlochry Highland Games.

Thousands of visitors flocked to Pitlochry Highland Games to savour the atmosphere of one of Perthshire’s oldest established games.

The event in the Recreation Park has been entertaining crowds since 1852 and attracted a respectable 6,000 people this year.

Winners –

Local 16lb Hammer – Lorne Colthart.

Local 16lb Shot Putt – Lorne Colthart.

Local 28lb Wt for distance – Lorne Colthart.

Local Caber – 1 = Lorne Colthart & David Colthart Jnr & Pete Hart.

Open 16lb Hammer –  Lorne Colthart.

Open 16lb Shot Putt – Lukasz Wenta.

Open 22lb Hammer – Lukasz Wenta.

Open 22lb Shot Putt – Lukasz Wenta.

Open 28 lbs Wt for Dist – Lukasz Wenta.

Open 56 lbs Wt Over Bar – 1 =Lorne Colthart & Craig Sinclair.

Open Tossing the Caber – 1 =Lorne Colthart & Lukasz Wenta.

u15 Caber – James Ramsey.

u15 Hammer 7 lbs – Byron Hart.

u15 Shot 8.8 lbs –  Byron Hart.

u15 Wt for Dist 14 lbs –  James Ramsey.

u17 Caber – Oliver Ramsay.

u17 Hammer 7lbs – Christian Ramsay.

u17 Shot 11 lbs – Christian Ramsay.

u17 Wt for Dist 14 lbs – Christian Ramsay.

800m Cycle Race H/Cap – Stevie Jackson.

800m Yths Cycle Race – Molly Evans.

1600m Cycle Race H/Cap – Stevie Jackson.

1600m Yths Cycle Race – Rouben Thomson.

3200m Champ.High.Cycle – Charles Fletcher.

Deil Tak the Hindmost – Charles Fletcher.

90m Open Final – Rianna Sterricks.

90m Yths Final – L Woods.

200m Open H/Cap Final – Calum McWilliam.

400m Boys  H/Cap – Louis Whyte.

400m Girls  H/Cap – Emma Currie.

400m Open H/Cap – Ewen Bradley.

800m Boys H/Cap – Sean Bates.

800m Open H/Cap -Willie Bates.

1600m Open H/Cap – Fraser Logan.

1600m Scottish Champ – Colin Welsh.

3200m Open H/Cap – Fraser Logan.

800m Girls H/Cap – Hannah Steel.

H.P. Primary Schs Relay – Breadalbane.

SA Club Relay Final – East Kilbride.

Fling adult Confined – Lyndsey Douglas.

Fling adults – Siobhan Watt.

Fling u12 – Eilidh Gammons.

Fling u13 Confined – Lauren Johnston.

Fling u14 – Katie Lawson.

Fling u16 – Lauren Dingwall.

Fling u16 Confined -Lauren Dingwall.

Hornpipe adults – Siobhan Watt.

Hornpipe u12 – Eilidh Gammons.

Hornpipe u14 – Abby Louise Livingstone.

Hornpipe u16 – Lauren Dingwall.

Hullachan adult Confined – Jillian Kennedy.

Hullachan u 13 Confined – Lauren Johnston.

Hullachan u16 Confined – Lauren Dingwall.

Jig adults – Kirstin Mitchelson.

Jig u12 – Caitlin Walsh.

Jig u14 – Abby Louise Livingstone.

Jig u16- Catriona Gammons.

S/Triubhas adult Confined – Jillian Kennedy.

S/Triubhas adults – Cerys Jones.

S/Triubhas u12 – Eilidh Gammons.

S/Triubhas u13 Confined – Lauren Johnston.

S/Triubhas u14 – Abbi Flynn.

S/Triubhas u16 – Lauren Dingwall.

S/Triubhas u16 Confined – Lauren Dingwall.

S/Tulloch adults – Kirstin Mitchelson.

S/Tulloch u12 – Eilidh Gammons.

S/Tulloch u14 -Katie Lawson.

S/Tulloch u16 – Lauren Dingwall.

Jigs – Ciaren Ross.

Marches – Sandy Cameron.

Marches Local – Robbie MacIsaac.

MSR 15 & u18 – Robbie MacIsaac.

MSR u15 – Hazel Whyte.

S/Reels – Brian Lamond.

S/Reels Local – Robbie MacIsaac.

British Tug o’ War  – Strathardle.

High Jump – Tony Daffurn.

High Jump u16 – Gaspard Lecrivain.

Long Jump – Tony Daffurn.

Long Jump u16 -Calum Hardy.

Triple Jump – Tony Daffurn.

Triple Jump u16 – Calum Hardy.

Best Drum Corps  – Mackenzie Caledonian.

Grade PB Grade 2 –  Mackenzie Caledonian.

Grade PB Grade 3 –  Coalburn I.O.R.

Grade PB Grade 4 – Glenrothes & District.

Grade PB NJ – Burntisland & District

Pipe Band Parade – Vale of Atholl.