Craigie residents back Beautiful Perth project

(back) Cllr Bob Brand & Chic Duggan of the Abbottsford, (front) Cllr Michael Jamieson, Monica Straughan and , Barbara McDonald, and John Summers of Beautiful Perth

Local businesses and residents in Craigie have joined volunteers from Beautiful Perth to brighten up the “triangle” at Craigie Cross.

The heart of the local community, the area lies on a busy junction used by hundreds of vehicles and pedestrians every day.

The first improvements came at Christmas 2016, when businesses based around the Cross installed lights to give the site a festive feel.

They were keen to keep up the momentum so Chic Doogan of the Abbotsford Bar met Beautiful Perth chairman John Summers to hatch a plan.

The resulting project has seen new gravel spread around the memorial benches and pruning of the trees in the triangle.

Beautiful Perth volunteers have installed and planted tubs and two-tier planters which will bloom with colour every spring and summer, and the Fish & Chip Company has undertaken the task of watering the flowers.

Mr Summers said the project was a shining example of the difference a community can make to their local area through joint initiatives.

“This may be a small area, but it’s at a very important point in Craigie that is seen by so many people on a daily basis,” said Mr Summers.

“This is a lovely project, a great example of what a difference we can make with a little bit of land, some voluntary effort, a great partnership of local people and businesses – and a lot of enthusiasm.”

The Beautiful Perth group used to be called Perth in Bloom as their main focus was originally on horticultural work, helping produce the spectacular floral displays which have won the city many national and international awards over the past two decades.

They changed their name to Beautiful Perth in 2007 as they began taking on a wider range of community and environmental projects including picking litter, tidying unsightly places and encouraging local action to improve the environment.

Those projects are recognised through the annual Beautiful Perth awards.